Past Seminars

Molecular basis of secondary cell wall patterning

2017.12.13 16:00~
Oda Y
RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

Properly patterned cell-wall deposition is essential for plant cell development. Xylem vessel cells deposit rigid secondary cell walls in distinct patterns such as annular, spiral, reticulate, and pitted patterns to form water-conducting vessels. In differentiating xylem vessel cells, cortical microtubules are arranged into specific patterns to direct the secondary cell wall deposition. However, little is known about the regulatory mechanism of the cortical microtubule behavior in xylem vessel cells. We have revealed that the plant Rho GTPase, ROP11, is activated to form plasma membrane domains to promote local cortical microtubule disassembly through MIDD1-Kinesin-13A complex, which in trun directs secondary cell wall pit formation in metaxylem vessel cells [1-3]. We recently found that two novel microtubule-associated proteins, IQD13 and CORD1, regulate the stability of the cortical microtubules surrounding the ROP11-activated domains to shape the oval secondary cell wall pits [4,5]. We also found that ROPGEFs and ROPGAPs, activators and inactivators of ROP11, respectively, mediate the local activation of ROP11 by reaction-diffusion system. Our study revealed how cell-wall patterns are cell-autonomously generated by Rho GTPase signling in association with cortical cytoskeleton.

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